Modeling Technologies for Social Good

We started Model Paths as an incubator for easy-to-use web and mobile apps based on sophisticated modeling technologies -- including simulation, deep learning, and statistical modeling -- to help address critical problems in the climate, natural resource, educational, and social arenas. Our modeling apps generally start out as free apps, and there will always be free versions of all of our apps -- this is in the spirit of applying modeling technologies for social good (see the App Gallery for free apps available now). As we get user feedback and see the usage patterns, we will selectively enhance some of the more useful apps to the next level and offer premium versions of those apps. Our intention is for Model Paths to use a combination of free apps and premium apps to go after big problems that could benefit from our modeling solutions.

Our Focus

We are looking to help address critical problems in these and related areas using modeling solutions:

  • Climate: future climate scenarios, climate resilience and adaptation, climate-related hazards (such as wildfires and floods), carbon emissions
  • Natural resources: water, forestry, land-use
  • Clean energy: solar, wind, geothermal, hydro
  • Science education
  • Social issues: poverty, equity, mobility
What we work on next will be informed by input and feedback from the user community. Help us pick the most important problems to work on!

Our Approach

We use a variety of modeling techniques in our solutions, including:

  • Simulation
  • Machine learning, including deep neural networks
  • Life-cycle assessment
  • Statistical modeling
  • Combinations of these techniques

We are experts at turning modeling solutions like these into useful and compelling apps deployed on the web or as mobile apps that can be used easily without deep technical knowledge.